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Women and Leadership

My research centers around the critical topic of women and leadership, exploring their roles in various corporate structures and leadership positions. I aim to address the gaps in the existing literature by providing clear and systemic insights into the factors that influence board gender composition and women's access to high-ranking positions in both business and corporate networks. My study specifically delves into the dynamics of women's access to corporate boards over the past century in Argentina and Chile, identifying key factors that have shaped their fluctuating recruitment patterns. More broadly, through an analysis of institutional, organizational, and individual factors, I aim to better understand the progress made and the challenges that women still encounter in attaining meaningful representation and inclusion in leadership roles.

Ultimately, the research's impact extends beyond academic boundaries, seeking to empower women in the workplace and drive positive societal change by fostering more equitable and inclusive leadership practices.


Just published!

"Women in corporate networks: An introduction" with Stéphanie Ginalski, Susie Pak & Lucy Taksa in Business History

Check out my interview about  women in corporate boards on the New Books Network en español

Podcast interview

This short video introduces my recent article with Andrea Lluch in Business History.

Women in leadership positions

My research delves into the when, how, and why women are in top positions in large corporations. I am interested in understanding both the challenges and the access ways for women to leadership positions and executive boards.

Women's labor status after Covid

This video presents a comprehensive analysis of a recent report by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) on the regression of women's labor force participation in Latin America. I discuss the specific situation in Chile and identify key factors contributing to this setback.

Leading inclusive organizations in 2023

"Construyendo organizaciones inclusivas: experiencias y desafíos desde la perspectiva de liderazgo de mujeres en grandes empresas", a master class with women leaders from different organizations in Latin America.

Entrevista con El Líbero, 2018

"Estamos en un momento de la historia donde lo femenino y masculino se están redefiniendo" ... "la mujer se percibe como un ser que tiene una vida familiar, pero que tiene una vida profesional, integrada."

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