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Sustainability and Grand Challenges

My research on sustainability encompasses a wide array of topics and regions, with a particular focus on Iberoamerica and Southern Europe. My work delves into various subjects, including innovative models for promoting cultural, creative, and historic tourism in urban centers, the exploration of non-profit investments by businesses in education within emerging markets, and evidence-based studies centered around the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In my latest publications, I provide valuable insights into sustainable governance, regional nuances in non-profit investments, and the collaborative endeavors of scholars in tackling global challenges through research and practical solutions aligned with sustainability principles.

"Special section – Editorial: Sustainable Development Goals in Iberoamerica"

with M. Fernanda Wagstaff and Jose Ernesto Amoros Management Research

[published online in 2023]

"A Sustainable Management Model for Cultural Creative Tourism Ecosystems"

with Blanca García Henche and Pedro Cuesta-Valiño in Sustainability

[published in 2020]

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"Business investment in education in emerging markets since the 1960s"

with Valeria Giacomin & Geoffrey Jones in Business History

[published in 2019]

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